DIRECTOR, CASE MANAGER, GHOST GALS HANDLER, ANTIQUARY, HISTORIAN, RELICOLOGIST Robert is the director, case manager, Ghost Gals handler, Antiquary, and an expert in just about every facet of history of any kind, the Gals may need during their research and adventures. Not only is he an expert in historical research of various subject matter, especially antiquities, but he is an expert as well as, in the restorative process of said items. He also collects very dark items: such as items from crime scenes: including, murders, serial killers, and items believed to contain true evil. Leo is an extremely important addition to the team other than most importantly the director, he briefs the Ghost Gals on cases, as well as deep historical research ect. He has spent many years volunteering at the Creeger House / Historical Society in Thurmont, Md. He sat on the board of directors, and ran the day to day activities at the location. Robert is infamously known for his quip jokes, wittiness and incredible sense of humor. If one is having a bad day, all they have to do is turn to Robert for a good joke, a smile, and a ton of fun. Roberts family founded Eyler Valley just south of the Mason Dixon line, near Emmitsburg, Md. So if you're ever driving through Thurmont, Md and see a street sign that contains the name Eyler you're looking at his historic family lineage.