The Ghost Gals,

researchers, supernatural adventurers, investigators, lecturers & authors, consist of Brigid, Jenny, Tracy, and Robert. They are known for their dedicated research, years of expertise in the field, and their fun, witty, very outgoing personalities. Thought they take their work seriously, they have quite the good sense of humor. Coming from all different locations through out the United States, they bring together all of their technical skills and abilities, to form a diverse dynamic team of well educated, trained, and experienced researchers.


Years ago, the Ghost Gals were originally a Research team named The Paranormal Investigators, that started on Long Island, Ny. Shortly after moving to Gettysburg, Pa., Brigid decided to change the name since the group was all female, except for one member. Thus the team has been researching ever since as the Gettysburg Ghost Gals (tm) and their Adventures of Digging Up Darkness. They have built their reputation via their dedicated research and educational studies for years with said subject matter, as well as their personal volunteer hands on experience, of hundreds of private documented historical and residential case loads dating back to pre 1990.


The Gals are groundbreaking female pioneers in the Supernatural field, known for their scientific based investigative skills, along with their infectious fun personalities. The researchers had been conducting countless investigations for well over 25 years, all over the United States and abroad, with specific focused studies for 10 years in the Gettysburg area. They love any kind of unknown exciting adventure into the unknown, so they decided to broaden their research and delve into the terrifying world of real evil. Rarely if at all, not a subject of general research, the Gals decided to set their new research goals on Investigating, Researching & Exposing Real Evil, it's effect & presence in our society today. Over the years they have become well educated in the field scientifically and spiritually. They combine their intricate knowledge of science, common sense, and spirituality to reveal the truth behind occurrences, whether it is scientifically explainable or truly paranormal.


The Gals are very proud to have been loosely based and researched for the female lead characters in the Summer blockbuster 2016 movie “Ghostbusters” . They Gals were "discovered" for the movies character research, via their many media interviews and appearances over the years. They also performed the location scouting for the 2017 Gettysburg Episode of Destination America's Haunted Towns, which featured their 2 cases. They have appeared and been featured Internationally and Nationally via Mtv News, England’s The Guardian, Playboy Magazine (Written News Article), Movie Pilot, Nylon Magazine, Ny Newsday, Gettysburg Times, Ireland’s Irish Central, Pennsylvania Magazine, Nbc & Fox News, Beyond Reality Radio with TAPS Jason Hawes, CBS Radio, and many other news and radio pieces. They are also proud to have as their sponsors: Anthony Sanchez' Ghost Hunter Apps and The Original Ghost Hunter Store. The technology they use via their sponsors, is the latest technology available in the field today including their military grade motion detection system, and thermal imaging.


A well rounded and knowledgeable group of investigators, they have a very large social media following of fans due to their fun loving personalities, and can be followed on any of their social media pages listed on this site. Tracy Wilson has her own sole proprietor make up artistry business, her work can be seen on southern runways, photo shoots, and also in her specialty shoots and runway shows entitled "women of color". Jenny Thomas is an evidential medium and wiccan whom gives aura and personalized readings. Robert Eyler is a dark occults relicologist and sells burial plots as well. Brigid is the Ceo Of the Ghost Gals, lectures, and appears regularly in productions, and various news media ( including with the other Ghost Gals researchers ), discussing her vast knowledge and research of 30 years in the paranormal.

Besides traversing the globe in search of new Evil case studies, the Ghost Gals still enjoy performing volunteer paranormal investigating at private residences and historical locations when they are able to. So, when not on the road, they enjoy time at home, and regularly spend time together socially, as they are all real life best friends.

For years and currently the Ghost Gals still perform book signings, conference appearances, & tour the United States lecturing at colleges & various locations about their knowledge of True Evil, Hauntings of the Gettysburg Battlefield, the Unknown, Life and Death, Science & the paranormal, and their documented cases, especially their most well know cases :




The Gals are also well established Authors, releasing their second and third books in their series entitled “Gettysburg Ghost Gals True Hauntings Of A Ghost Town” in 2016.

They are currently represented by GRETA REFERT BOOKING AGENT. For inquiries for appearances or productions, please inquire to Greta Refert's contact info on the sites booking agent page, or with the webmaster directly via email contact.

(Note: any legal contractual matters for appearances or production, or legal matters will be forwarded to the Gals Entertainment Attorney's in Nashville, Tn.